The advantages and disadvantages of open type gas turbine

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Preheating time: in start the motor after the turbine speed up to the rated speed and ignite the fuel and gas turbine can accelerate from cold start to full capacity, without having to warm up time. Open cycle plant when the factory used as peak load, because their start time is fast, and able to bear the load quickly.

Light weight, small volume, the weight of per kilowatt produce is very low. Compared with the factory closed cycle, the open cycle power plants need less space.

From heavy diesel fuel: to high octane number gasoline. Any type of hydrocarbon fuel can be used in the combustion chamber.

Improvement: parts and auxiliary can usually be improved in open cycle gas turbine factory, in order to improve the thermal efficiency. They can also according to the load factor and other operating conditions provide the most economical total costs.

Don't need a cooling medium: besides with knowing the turbine in the unit, don't need cooling water open cycle gas turbine. Factories, therefore, become independent and independent of the cooling medium.

Part load efficiency is low, because a large part of turbine to generate electricity is used to drive the compressor, the open cycle gas turbine equipment efficiency drops rapidly when part load.

Sensitivity: the efficiency of the component in the system plays an important role, especially in a compressor. The change of atmospheric temperature, pressure and humidity affect the open cycle gas turbine.

Exhaust gas heat loss: because of the open cycle power plant air flow rate is higher than the closed cycle power plant, so lead to exhaust gas heat loss increase, and require large diameter pipes.

Corrosion: prevent dust from entering the compressor to prevent compressor blades and erosion and deposition of channel is very important. Carbon deposition on the turbine blades and ash not desirable because they reduce the efficiency of open cycle gas turbine plant.