9HA gas turbine
IT isone of theindustry leadersamong H-class offerings, and now the 9HA gas turbine is at the heart of the world's most efficient combined-cycle power plant.448–571 MWsimple-cycle output>64%combined-cycle efficiency28 yearsof H-class experience50%hydrogen (H2) capable<30
Product description

IT is one of the industry leaders among H-class offerings, and now the 9HA gas turbine is at the heart of the world's most efficient combined-cycle power plant.

448–571 MW

simple-cycle output


combined-cycle efficiency

28 years

of H-class experience


hydrogen (H2) capable

<30 min

full combined-cycle plant load

9HA gas turbine models, features and benefits

With two available models—the 9HA.01 gas turbine at 448 MW and the GE 9HA.02 turbine at 571 MW—customers can easily select the right model and capacity to help meet their generation needs.

Record-breaking 9HA turbine efficiency

GE’s 9HA gas turbine delivers a validated, all-around solution for demanding customer economics. It offers the most cost-effective conversion of fuel to electricity as well as industry-leading operational flexibility for increased dispatch and ancillary revenue.

Industry-leading operational flexibility with the 9HA

GE’s H-class combined-cycle power plant has industry-leading flexibility and full combined-cycle plant load in less than 30 minutes, making it a great complement to intermittent renewable sources.

Emissions and flexibility supporting a greener tomorrow

The 9HA’s DLN 2.6e combustion system offers a step change in performance, emissions and fuel flexibility. The DLN 2.6e maintains many of the elements of GE’s DLN 2.6+ combustion system and introduces advanced premixing for reduced NOx emissions while enabling high plant efficiency. Its advanced premixer enables expanded fuel flexibility to operate on both “rich” and “lean” gaseous fuels, a 50% hydrogen (H2) capability with a technology pathway to 100%, a gas turbine turndown to 30% load, and an optional park mode at 7-15% load, further reducing customers’ operating costs.

The power of modularity

GE’s HA gas turbine auxiliary systems are pre-configured, factory assembled and tested modules engineered to reduce field connections, piping, and valves. This translates to a simpler installation that reduces field schedule and installation quality risks while improving overall installation times—up to 25% quicker compared to GE F-class gas turbine enclosures.